The Importance of New Product Development

As the season winds down here at Natural Technologies, we get the chance to reflect on our successes and shortcomings of the previous year. The cyclical and seasonal nature of lawn care is different for suppliers than it is for applicators and, at times, the onset of fall and winter feels like a beginning  more than it feels like a end. The previous year has seen the BeeSafe brand grow to just over one hundred  locations and applicators and it’s our estimate that close to twenty five thousand lawns are now being treated without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Not only did we have a solid year in terms of growth we know for a fact that our authorized applicators have seen significant growth as well. It would be an understatement to say that we are “pleased” with the direction and growth curve of our model. It has been beyond all of our expectations and we can’t wait to continue recruiting new applicators and promoting organic lawn care on a national level.

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The Winterizer Fertilizer and Responsibility

The other day we had our first real hard freeze up here in New Hampshire.  With it comes the fact that no matter what we put on our lawns the top growth is going to come to halt and for most of us that’s a good thing.  The fact of the matter remains however; the months at the very end of the year are absolutely the most productive of the entire season.  Product choice for the final application is vital to two different aspects of your business; your customer’s lawns and your company’s financial health.  Are you making the right choice?  Whose best interest should you have in mind?  It’s always a battle of right and wrong this time of year and there isn’t always a clear cut winner. Read more

The BeeSafe Recruitment Webinar on October 15, 2014

We had a BeeSafe Lawns “Recruitment Webinar” yesterday and the truth is that I neglected to record it.  However, since so many people have asked for a recorded copy of it we thought we would post the one we did about a month previous.

It’s essentially the same presentation just with a different group of attendees.  I personally thought the one we did yesterday was better but so be it.

Lawn Care in the 21st Century

Case Study

Organic’s for Today’s Lawn Care Service
“It’s about the Money, Stupid.”

What happens when a very large group of people, who have similar interests and back grounds begin to spend time together? Generally speaking they talk about themselves. What they do for work, what they like to eat, they talk about their families, what kind of vehicles they drive etc. Over the course of time groups begin to form and people with the same interests begin to understand that they have certain things in common and when these things are socially topical or of a seemingly important subject to the greater good momentum is gained, leaders emerge and sometimes “organization” is realized. Beliefs are standardized and all of a sudden the phrase, “wouldn’t it be great if” becomes “why don’t we” followed by “if you don’t you are not as good as we are.” Read more

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