BeeSafe is Giving Away a Free Exclusive Territory

You Could be the Lucky Winner!!!!

Earlier this Fall we hit a significant benchmark here at BeeSafe Lawns.  We reached 100 locations and we always said that when it happened we would do something awesome to celebrate.  Well it came and went and we were all a little bit too wrapped up to do anything but deliver a couple of congratulatory “high fives.”   Being too busy to celebrate milestones has it’s benefits but sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses.  (or fresh cut organic grass.)

Well, here we are now with 104 locations and we decided that it was time to let it rip.  So here is what we are going to do.

Early next month, December 4th and 5th to be exact we will be having our final BeeSafe Applicator training session of the year here in Manchester, NH.  It’s going to be pretty banged out and we will definitely be at maximum capacity.  But leading up to that we thought we would run a contest.

Next Thursday,  November 20th we will be doing a twenty minute informational webinar.  Nothing out of the ordinary because we do them often.  However, at the conclusion of this webinar we will do a drawing and choose one lucky attendee as a grand prize winner.  Here is what that grand prize winner will get:

  • An exclusive BeeSafe Territory.  This is a protected geographic area of up to 150,000 single family dwelling units in which you will be the ONLY  BeeSafe Certified Applicator.

This package is valued at well over $15,000 and one lucky winner will be well on his or her way to launching a BeeSafe program that will help their business grow for years to come.

The only catch is that you have to be on the Webinar that we will be holding next week on Thursday, November 20th.  Space is limited so you will need to register today by clicking here.

Best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!


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