Fourth Quarter Peer Group / Workshop

We’ve finalized the structure for our fourth quarter workshop.

It will begin on November 18th and continue every Tuesday through December 16th, 2014.

It will take place via live webinar with the opportunity for questions and answers throughout.

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This workshop is an intensive and thorough launch pad for your operations in 2015.


The Agenda

1.  The Renewal                                     11/18

The renewal is square one.  While it represents the completion of one year it really is the first stop along the way of the coming year.  The renewal is a gauge for how happy your customers were and how many plan on coming back next year.  It is also the most significant driver of cash flow of your entire year.In this session we will discuss the importance of the renewal, discuss ways to implement a campaign and show you the tactic that could literally quadruple your renewal rate and your prepayments by the first of the year.

2.  Analyze your previous year                 11/25

I’ll bet that while you were in the midst of it you thought it was one gigantic horror movie.  Even the most organized and successful lawn care service gets a “sky is falling” mentality sometimes.   Now that you are essentially at the end of the road for your fiscal year you can literally take a step back and look at what you were good at and what wasn’t exactly a success story.
After putting some significant consideration into what went well and what didn’t you are able to determine what your “core” services will be and begin the simplification process.

3.  Project next year (Budgeting)              12/2

After taking a hard look at last years numbers it’s natural to think back to the previous year and wonder “what could have been?”  Imagine if last December you put significant effort into planning WHAT YOU WANTED TO DO?  A road map is the best way to get to a destination and without one you are often flying by the seat of your pants.
Have you ever had somebody ask you how much money you were going to make (or lose) this year and you didn’t know the answer?  How about if you were put on the spot, could you come up with what you spent on product this year?  Or how much fuel costs increased?  (or decreased)  Without a budget,  that you commit to live and breath by, you will have a very difficult time being profitable.

4.  Build your marketing plan                    12/9

You certainly want to grow your business don’t you?  If you’re in this industry to maintain the status quo you are the exception and not the rule because expedient and robust growth is the hallmark of an up and coming lawn and landscape business.  Your marketing plan has to be a surgical process that begins on January first and continues every single day of the year moving forward.Many successful lawn care companies actually consider themselves marketing firms as much as they are lawn care companies.  If you think that your marketing plan revolves around the yellow pages and referrals you couldn’t be more mistaken.  You need lead sources that convert immediately.

5.  Your Sales Process                            12/16

Your marketing plan is a blueprint for every lead you generate but the sales process is the actual implementation of that blueprint.  Today’s successful lawn service is making sales at the point of contact which provides for a very healthy closing rate and expedited growth.

We will discuss your online presence and reputation, list building, lead nurturing and how to close the sale with efficiency.  Is your website converting?  Do you have effective lead capture set up?  An effective sales process can literally push you to the top in no time at all.

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