Fourth Quarter Workshop: Perfecting your Sales Process

our marketing plan is a blueprint for every lead you generate but the sales process is the actual implementation of that blueprint. Today’s successful lawn service is making sales at the point of contact which provides for a very healthy closing rate and expedited growth.

We will discuss your online presence and reputation, list building, lead nurturing and how to close the sale with efficiency. Is your website converting? Do you have effective lead capture set up? An effective sales process can literally push you to the top in no time at all.

What’s the Deal with Soil Biology and Lawn Care?

Aside from their ability to positively affect plant nutrition, soil structure & plant growth the microbial systems utilized to augment Bee Safe products afford the plant and soil a number of other quantifiable benefits. They serve to stabilize soil pH, increase humus levels, improve CEC of soil, increase the photosynthetic capacity of the plant, enhance root architecture and provide plants with increased resistance to environmental stress such as heat, cold, drought and foot traffic. Click the title to read why BeeSafe Products are better than compost teas.

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