2015 BeeSafe Kickoff Call

This previous Friday we held the “Official 2015 BeeSafe Lawns Product and Program Kick Off Conference Call.”

Attendance was awesome and the buzz (a horrible pun indeed) was significant.  Here is the recording of the call which does happen to include all the blathering that I did in the beginning concerning the technical problems you guys were having seeing the screen.

It’s a relatively long call and reaches just over ninety minutes.  However, the information that we covered was of significant value.  We have several promotions this year that coupled with our reduction in price and increase in quality are flat out freaking awesome.  Towards the end of the call we briefly touch on the MyBeeSafe Lawn Consumer Campaign and it makes sense for you to check that out as well.

What’s the Deal with Soil Biology and Lawn Care?

Aside from their ability to positively affect plant nutrition, soil structure & plant growth the microbial systems utilized to augment Bee Safe products afford the plant and soil a number of other quantifiable benefits. They serve to stabilize soil pH, increase humus levels, improve CEC of soil, increase the photosynthetic capacity of the plant, enhance root architecture and provide plants with increased resistance to environmental stress such as heat, cold, drought and foot traffic. Click the title to read why BeeSafe Products are better than compost teas.

The Winterizer Fertilizer and Responsibility

The other day we had our first real hard freeze up here in New Hampshire.  With it comes the fact that no matter what we put on our lawns the top growth is going to come to halt and for most of us that’s a good thing.  The fact of the matter remains however; the months at the very end of the year are absolutely the most productive of the entire season.  Product choice for the final application is vital to two different aspects of your business; your customer’s lawns and your company’s financial health.  Are you making the right choice?  Whose best interest should you have in mind?  It’s always a battle of right and wrong this time of year and there isn’t always a clear cut winner. Read more

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