The Importance of New Product Development

As the season winds down here at Natural Technologies, we get the chance to reflect on our successes and shortcomings of the previous year. The cyclical and seasonal nature of lawn care is different for suppliers than it is for applicators and, at times, the onset of fall and winter feels like a beginning  more than it feels like a end. The previous year has seen the BeeSafe brand grow to just over one hundred  locations and applicators and it’s our estimate that close to twenty five thousand lawns are now being treated without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Not only did we have a solid year in terms of growth we know for a fact that our authorized applicators have seen significant growth as well. It would be an understatement to say that we are “pleased” with the direction and growth curve of our model. It has been beyond all of our expectations and we can’t wait to continue recruiting new applicators and promoting organic lawn care on a national level.

As we take that deep breath that comes with the conclusion of the season, one of the most important topics around the office and the lab is the development of new products and the continuous improvement of the existing ones. Last year we were able to make significant improvements on our existing product line and we added several very useful organic tools to the program as well. .

As we set our sights on new product development this year we are most excited about a product that is designed specifically for chemical applicators. Naturally we would like everybody to convert to turf care that is completely chemical-free but we are realistic in knowing that there will always be a demand for old fashioned, traditional turf care. With that being said, even the staunchest, old school applicator is hearing the demand for a reduction in fertilizer inputs (especially N and P) and chemical pesticides. This new product, called Rhizometrix is a biologically active product will allow chemical turf companies to reduce their inputs drastically, by using the science of organics to increase efficacy and reduce product loss through leaching, run off and photo degradation. When we say“drastically” we are literally talking about a nitrogen reduction by up to 75% without losing any efficacy or aesthetic turf value.

We were able to put Rhizometrix in the hands of a handful of BeeSafe dealers this year and the feedback has been unbelievable.  We consistently had pictures sent to us of lawns that were being treated using the Rhizometrix product alongside a typical chemical program.  What we found was that it wasn’t only about the reductions in product use and cost saving but it was more about how the lawns looked.  They looked awesome!

If you’d like to check out some more information on our Rhizometrix product you can do so by clicking here.

We know our applicators count on us to help them deliver outstanding results no matter what the challenge, and we know that we can only do that by constantly moving forward in regards to new product development. We are thrilled to be on the cutting edge of organic and alternative turf care on a national basis and will continue to be the leader in an industry striving for change.

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